Saturday, October 20, 2007

Under-promise and over-deliver...

Last night, I had a few friends over after work (a long, long day at work). It was just Tracey, Liz, Heidi, Melissa and Lauren. In all, we capped off about 35 beers and there was even some brief nudity (Thankfully, not mine). And I did have several women on my bed at once. Too bad we were just admiring the digital clock. But still...

I was accused of excluding a few people, not intentionally, but maybe subconsciously, because I didn't really think of them, and people can read into it what they want, but the truth is I was happy with the people who showed up because they are my peeps, and if other people showed up, it becomes a different party. Perhaps no less fun, but different, and likely no nudity. It's sort of a metaphor, I guess, for the different people we are and the different way we act depending on teh crowd. The people who did come are all very close and very comfortable to speak freely with each other, and yes, unsnap their bras with each other.

In that vein, I was told that should stop pretending to be something I'm not, which is an asshole. Although I never went out of my way to actually be an asshole, I guess I always felt it was best to under-promise and over-deliver, so if you're a jerk and do something nice, people are pleasantly surprised. Now, I always prided myself on being a good friend, and I would do anything for one of my close friends, but a good person is harder. And I've been stepped on enough while trying to be a nice guy that I think I started to shove that part of my personality way back into the background. However, I was told it might get me laid more, so I guess it's worth a try. So, we'll see where it goes.

Nice Guy Dursin.

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