Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Talk About the Passion

For most people (and most probably those with children and spouses, and lives), I would be considered a time-waster. I spend the majority of my waking ours (and non-working and non-eating hours) playing Wii, drinking, reading comics and sitting in front of my computer doing any number of time-wasting activities like playing games and doing nothing of note of facebook (because, really, what of note is there to do on facebook?)

I'm not sure if these people with children and lives are jealous or not. I hope not, because I certainly wish I had more to do with myself. I just came off a Christmas break where I spent a few weeks doing absolutely nothing, and it was honestly fantastic, but looking back, to paraphrase Lennon, what have I done?

I'm not sure what I should be doing, really. Writing my memoirs? Fixing the economy? To be honest, after working all day, eating my three squares a day (and taking four shots while I'm at it) and staying barely in shape, I'm not sure what else I really need to do. And yet I know people who would probably kill for the kind of free time that I have and often take for granted. The thing is I don't really have any serious passions.

An old friend of mine collects Transformers. The old school toys, as well as the subsequent re-issues and rare imports. I find this to be kind of cool, and when I asked why Transformers, he said because his parents never bought them for him when he was a kid, and now that's he's an adult, he can buy them himself. This makes sense because I don't remember him having a real affection for Transformers as a child, at least more so than any of us. I certainly dug the show and comics and saw the 1986 animated movie (not the shitty Michael Bay version) with every adult who would take me, but I found the toys to be rather flimsy and not very intuitive. However, I once saw his collection, and saw some of these more recent re-issues of my old favorites, saw how they were not so flimsy anymore, and realized that one day he woke up and said, "I liked Transformers a lot. and I still do, dammit!", and the rest was history. And if I had the passion, this would be an excellent hobby. Pity I don't.

But like I said, I'm not really sure what exactly I'm expected to do with my time. I suppose some kind of charity or joining a gym would be productive, but I'm just not sure that's really the way I want to go. I started collecting Jokers, but that's kind of easy since he's only one guy as opposed to a whole Transformers universe. And naturally, I collect comics, but that's not really a passion. More like an embarrassing enthusiasm.

Hopefully, sometime in 2010, something will come along to rescue me from these doldrums. Until then, I suppose I can always keep drinking.