Monday, December 31, 2007

Another New Day

As I ready myself to close out another year, I of course am looking back on the one that has just passed (and pass it did. Quickly and fruitlessly).

Allow me to set the scene. I am sitting in the basement of my parents' house, and there is no heat. I am stuck in Abington, car-less and bored out of my skull. I received two invitations to New Year's Eve parties, and I was forced to choose the one that will hopefully be attended by a bird I want to snog, as opposed to the one thrown by my closer (literally and proximity-wise) friends. I don't know what that says about me, but she better be good.

If you really think about it (which is something I told myself I wouldn't do as much of in 2008), this is a metaphor for my 2007. I was constantly forced into doing things I really didn't want to do, like working more hours because I was now living alone and thus missing many Red Sox games and being tired and bitter all the time. I also attended a couple weddings, which certainly didn't help matters.

I realize that this is just life stuff and I'm complaining about things everyone else does all the time, but at my age and station in life, I feel like I shouldn't have to be working two low-paying jobs and pinching pennies all the time. I'm 31 and single and living in the city. This should be the time of my life. In some ways it is. I do enjoy freedoms that others my age do not (such as the freedom to bitch and moan when things don't go my way, because I have no wife to refute me.) But other ways, it is clearly a sad, depressing time. Really, I shouldn't have to worry so much about the details, like if I have bread or whether or not I have clean pants to wear to Harvard because they don't let their techs wear jeans. These are things that are minute and ricockulous and shouldn't concern me.

So they won't. I've created a mental depth chart of things I enjoy, and I'm going to try to do those things more, and less of those things that annoy me.

I have a few days left at Harvard this semester, and then I'm off the schedule. I'm going to join Peapod in 2008, and have my bread delivered. While I'm at it, I think I'll join Netflix and have my movies delivered, too. I'll look for a second job if I have to, and it'll be better and closer and less annoying than Harvard. And I'll have actual sex in 2008 (That's a promise.) I'll play more games for the softball team. I'll take some classes and get closer to my Masters. I'll do more work on the comics and website stuff that I used to enjoy so much back in the day.

These are not the loftiest of goals, but I can do them. And I will, if for no other reason than I can.