Monday, May 28, 2012

Comics as Rain-hats

I'm not sure if a lot of people will get this if they're not into comics, but hopefully it'll be poignant enough for a mass audience.  not that the 2 people who will read it can be considered a mass audience, but still, I said I would write more and so here I go.

So, anyway, yeah, I read comics, and consequently don't date very often (or, perhaps more accurately, very well.)  For years, I've sold off a large portion of my collection, usually when a movie of that character came out, only to have it build back up, since I usually go to the store every week.  I'm not usually into buying old ones, but keep up with new stuff, of course.  And I'm not one of those people who spends $60-70 bucks a week, either.  Usually $20 per visit is my max.  Still in "hobby" area.

Recently, I started selling off even more of my collection, even the old ones I was saving for a rainy day in the hopes that they would one day be worth tons of money.  Old (well, twenty-five years or so) Spider-Man comics.  Old Avengers that I bought at R & R in Whitman when I was really young and I just wanted to get a little history lesson.  Even recent stuff that I bought, read, and decided I would probably never read again.  Not a lot is off the table these days.  Mostly the few good things from the last decade and stuff that is pretty worthless anyway.

A quick look at my recent ebay history shows this: Dark Avengers (Full Run) #1-16 for $21, Fatale #1-5 (Full Run) $24.  Red Robin (Full Run) #1-26 for $47.51.  Secret Avengers #1-12 for $11.51.  That doesn't include the individual ones (old Spideys and Avengers) I sold for less that $2.00 each, or Amazing Spider-Man #319, which apparently was in less-than stellar condition and the buyer asked for a refund.  I gladly gave it, but he didn't have to be such a wanker about it.  Plus, a few trade paperbacks on Amazon (adding up to a grand total of about $20.)  I've also sold long runs of Iron Man and Spider-Man recently, but eBay only lets you look back for 60 days.

Point?  I'm still flat broke!  These things that I was saving for a rainy day?  Well, it's pouring, and I'm still getting wet.  I guess soggy, old comics don't make for much of a rain-hat.

Mixed metaphors aside, it kind of makes me sad.  And not in a "Gee, I wish I had more money way,"  or because I feel like I made a bad investment, because comics as an investment are definitely a terrible idea.  More because this huge part of my youth, and my life now, is sort of a waste.  Even the stuff I read now I've pretty much forgotten about it ten minutes later, so the idea that I get a lot of enjoyment out of it is not 100% correct.  Comics are mostly something to eat over my Corn Flakes.

At least Corn Flakes are still enjoyable.