Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I think it all goes back to Keri.

Before I broke up with her, I had my strong opinions, sure, and I voiced them loudly, most of the time (as I do now). But they weren't quite as venomous. Maybe it was Keri that soured me on everything. Or maybe she simply put a curse on me so that I could never truly enjoy life again and always see the downside of everything. Yes, the curse. That's it. That, or bad karma because I cheated on her. Not to mention all the other heelish things I've done over the years. Good thing I don't believe in karma (for the bad things, anyway.)

Today, my former landlady e-mailed me to say that she had missed my last e-mail (sent in June!) and was sending my half of the security deposit to me, simply ignoring the last three months of her life, apparently, and pretending that the whole "being taken to court" thing never happened.And to make matters worse, our lawyer has said that taking her money and calling it a day may be the wisest course of action. So, now, instead of getting the $1650 x3 we were supposed to get, I'll get $825 plus interest. not to mention the fact that she will also get away with screwing us over all this time and trying to steal our money. She gets away scot-free, and will probably continue to fuck everyone over until she finally pisses off the wrong person and someone shoots her. Not that I'm abdicating violence, but, at this moment, I may actually dance on her grave if it were to happen.

This, my friends, is wanton hubris. I'm so cursed.

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