Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Nexus

I have now been alive for 33 years, technically. However, I don't really feel like I was alive until about 5 or 6 years ago. And honestly, I figured that the diabetes would have gotten me by now. But here I am, about 15 years living with that. Guess I'm in it for the long haul.

As a species, we tend to deride anything older than ourselves as out of touch or, hell, useless. I know because I do it, too. Or did. It gets harder to find people older than me, for one, but I think that older people have a lot of experience to fall back on. Conversely, people tend to look down on those younger than them as being too young and foolish to understand anything. I know this because I do that, too. So, where does that leave us? Does anyone really understand what's going on?

Perhaps that leaves us at 33. Truly, I great number. Look at it sitting there. Two identical squiggly lines, signifying a squiggly age. I see this as sort of the mid-point of Real Life, because I'm not confident about any prospects past 66. However, it is not necessarily downhill from here. In fact, I feel this puts me at the nexus between young and old, giving me Ultimate Perspective on life, the universe and everything. At no point will I be this enlightened again (I mean, 34? Come on! Might as well be dead!). I enjoyed 28 immensely, but I was still pretty young, dumb and full of cum. I had a blast at 30, but I was sort of holding onto a youth that wasn't really there in the first place. Now 33, the Nexus, I feel that I can comment intelligently on things, and anything I can't comment intelligently on, well, there's no need to worry about it because it obviously passed me by and that's for somebody else. At 33, I recognize what is important enough to waste my energy on, and I feel like I've reached a point where fewer and fewer things actually matter in the grand scheme. Sure there are things I want to accomplish, and I'll get to them, but really, I'm just glad to be here, ready to enjoy the life that I've chosen. It may not look like much from the outside, but it's all I got, and I'll stack ti up against anyone else's.

This is what Ultimate Perspective is all about. And I have a whole year of this ahead of me.

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