Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It is May. The weather is getting better. The Red Sox are playing well. The school year is coming to an end. And that is big.

There is nothing like Boston with no students around. Don't get me wrong; with no students I would have no job, but I love, love love being able to get around without so much pedestrian traffic and being able to take the train without so many people crowding around the doors. And again, no offense to the students, but they do make getting around much harder.

(This, of course, completely goes against my post a few weeks ago about how I like "girls in their summer clothes." I'm a complete paradox, and by "paradox," I mean idiot.)

I've been trying harder to put myself out there and possibly meet someone. The problem is, once I do, I always end up going, "Jeez, what a hassle. Why did I do this?" Hides says it's bad dating karma, and I agree, but this is the problem when you have no passion: you know something is bad karma (and probably bad human behavior) and yet you continue to do it because you just don't care. Actually, I would probably like to be in a relationship (the right one, anyway), but I would rather it sort of just happen, rather than me doing anything to make it happen, like show up for dates.

Well, whatever. We'll see what happens.

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