Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Series Finale

I often joke about my life being like a TV show (probably a lot like an 80's sitcom, but I'm over-analyzing). It goes through various "seasons," has some guest stars and ongoing storylines, but I am the main focus. In fact, I often used this to be a yardstick for the kind of relationship I'd like to have, stating to anyone who would listen that my girlfriend can be a regular on my show, but she would have to be able to carry her own storylines, as well as hold her own in the episodes that involved couple-y things.

I feel this has served me well, because life often has (or at least should have) events that can signal the end of a season. When I broke off my engagement was certainly a big season finale. When I moved out of Cambridge and got my own apartment was the harbinger of a new season. And originally, I thought maybe now moving back in with my once and future roommate would be a season premiere of sorts. Upon further reflection however, and thinking about how a lot of my friends and neighbors are moving, too, it seems like this could be the end in a larger sense. Maybe this is how my series actually concludes. Maybe it is the beginning of a spin-off, like Frasier rose from the ashes of Cheers and nearly eclipsed its predecessor (Nearly. It did, however, make Frasier Crane one of the longest running television characters in history, second only to Bat Masterson from Gunsmoke.) I mean, the story has to keep going. I'm moving, not dying.

Hopefully, my new series can be as good a follow-up to The Matt Dursin Show as Frasier was to Cheers. I'd rather it not be like Joey, but I guess we'll have to see. Certainly, the characters have gone through a lot of changes over the years, and cast members have come and gone (which is often something that audiences don't take very well, but in life, casting choices are usually made by necessity rather than contractual disagreements.) This series, Dursin is certainly a little older, a little wiser, hopefully less drunk, and maybe he can use all that to make a successful spin-off. If not, there's always syndication, right?

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