Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kicking and Screaming

So, last year, I wrote this post about my adventures on the kickball diamond. I wrote a lot about the beer and the team camaraderie and the fun. Well, Team Hang-over is back, with a vengeance!

Thus far, we are 2-0 this this year. We have a bigger and better team, with bench players and different pitchers and what-not. The only drawbacks are that we play farther away from my apartment, and our shirts are now yellow. Well, okay, the other drawback is that I haven't actually gotten a "hit" yet, although I reached on an error. this week, however, we are playing one of the other undefeated teams, so you could say I've been saving my best stuff for them.

Still, despite my preaching, people snicker when I mention that I played kickball over the weekend. "You mean the game you played in third grade?" Yes, in fact, and not only is it exactly the same, but it is in fact more fun now. Possibly because I was an unathletic nerd in third grade, and was usually picked just before the heavy girl, but whatever. I'm having a helluva time now.

I'm not sure why they snicker. Maybe it's because people can't bring themselves to just let their shit go and have fun playing a "kid's game." Maybe it's because they like to have a laugh at my expense. Maybe they wish they could relive their youth a little and are jealous. Or maybe they are right and I'm just a silly fool for not growing up. I am the elder of the team. The Tim Wakefield, as it were. Although, two of our new players (females!) didn't know how old I was, and assumed I was 25. 25! I'm not sure if that's ironic considering we are talking about kickball, or just lame that an old dude like me gets such a charge out of it. Shouldn't I be watching my child play kickball?

But no. In fact, I think the very fact that I do things like this is what keeps me looking 25 despite being well into my thirties. I play kickball, collect comics, ride around town on my bike-cycle, and live on pizza and beer is what keeps me young. And not only physically doing these things, but the fact that I do them "mentally," because a few years ago, I probably would have been one of the snicker-ers. Maybe there's something to that "only as old as you feel" stuff, after all.

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