Thursday, September 03, 2009

When the Weird Becomes Normal

That was the title of my old blog, before I got tired of the three people who read it saying things like, "I read your blog post. You made some interesting points, but why are you so angry?" and "Don't mention me anymore!" Okay, well, nobody said that second one, but I still deleted it because I wanted to rid myself of the bile and anger. I don't know that I have, but the same three people still read it, so I guess it made no difference either way.

In some ways, I think my life has become a lot less weird than it was in the days of the old blog, which is probably one of the reasons I don't write as much anymore (and when I do, it's not something like "This guy I know did this and he's a putz!" or "I went out drinking and snogged someone I don't like" or "Love me.") Maybe my life is the same, while everyone elses' is different than it was. Or maybe, just maybe, I just don't read into things like I used to.

Probably the third option. For example, one of my friends got broken up with via text. Absurd, yes, and I would throttle the guy who would do that to a friend of mine if I ever saw him. But, no long, raving blog post about what society has come to out of me. I just sort of hung my head and sighed. Another friend just helped his wife move to New Jersey so she could earn her degree while he remains in Massachusetts. Not your typical marriage, but I certainly didn't blame him for not wanting to uproot himself at this stage of his life. However, I did not write one word about it here, going off about how people shouldn't judge and a marriage doesn't have to be like it was on The Flintstones. I just helped him sell his comics to make room for his new roommate.

And finally, two of my co-workers are engaged, and they were surprised when i was happy for them. I don't know what kind of ogre they thought I was, but I genuinely am happy for them. And I was tempted to write about it (I, uh, had a very interesting relationship with one of them several years ago), but I never got around to it, and it's really none of my business anyway.

Point is, the old blog would have had pages about it. And maybe it's that I'm trying to respect privacy more (although I would not have used any real names). Maybe it's just that weird has become normal, and why would I write about normal things? Where's the fun in that? So, technically, I did just write about all of them, but it was short and not over-analyzed at all. It was more of a "Previously on the Matt Dursin Show" kind of thing.

Now we're ready to start the new season.

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