Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Walking Montage

You've all seen it on those prime-time soaps. It usually comes at the very end of the show. After all the events of the episode, after the various characters have had their inner struggle or differences of opinions with each other neatly wrapped up, they walk somewhere, usually home through snowy or rainy city streets. Occasionally they are already home, or wherever they were going, but they are, of course, alone to illustrate how the events of the episode have taken their toll. and there is music, usually a song by some hot, young artist that will be eventually found on the show's soundtrack. I think Ally McBeal actually started it way back when (David E. Kelly was the master of the Walking Montage), but everyone does it now.

Including me. I find myself hearing songs in my head (like Aimee Mann or something slow and meaningful) as I walk home some days, or when I listen to my iTunes library while at home with a drink, I get this ridiculous feeling like the characters in those ridiculous shows that I'm in the middle of my very own Walking Montage, and I wonder what the other characters on my show are doing. The funny thing they are probably doing nothing, much like their imaginary TV counterparts. Since when did walking home brooding make up a scene, anyway?

And that's just it. For most of 2008, I think I walked through my Montage, brooding, and then moved on to the next episode, with the show never really changing from week to week, season to season. Yes, I realize that life is not like these TV shows, but on The Matt Dursin Show, the story of my life, of which I am the star, the same rules apply. Some of the characters may be written out or get their own spin-off show , but I remain constant, like Dr. House or Chuck. The show simply can't exist without me, and it's not an ensemble cast, and there will be no Dursin: New York or Dursin: S.V.U. This is it for me. So, I do the best I can, week to week, season to season. It just seems like, in the end, the storylines start to all run together and the ratings never change.

So, my goal in 2009 is to maybe get picked up by another network (I'm pulling for HBO), maybe hire a new writing team, and hopefully, bring in a very attractive, talented actress for some guest spots. Until then, we all walk on, brooding.

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Brom said...

Great post - love the analogies man!