Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Give the Man a Hand

I was told by a friend the other day about someone she knows who feels that not only should her husband never be allowed to "lend a hand," so to speak, but to do so while thinking of another woman would be tantamount to cheating on her. Apparently, this woman is some kind of uber-female, and her husband should be satisfied with that and not need to help himself out in that way. I don't want to get too gross about this (I honestly don't even remember how this got brought up, but I think it had something to do with George Costanza.) but because I find this completely ricockulous, and I bet there are literally thousands of women (and probably men) who feel the same way as this one, I must make my voice heard.

This is taking mental cheating to the extreme. I find marriage weird enough, but at least I've seen it done right. However, the very idea that a person can go through their entire life and not find another human being attractive is just the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I mean, I don't watch a lot of TV, but I watch enough to know that there are beautiful people all over it and I'm hopelessly attracted to almost all of them (I even have a kind of weird man-crush on Alec Baldwin). So, for this woman to think that her husband shouldn't get an urge once in awhile, well, maybe she should watch 30 Rock more often. She should actually be grateful that her husband takes care of himself rather than seeking out other real women. To me, the man's got morals.

Honestly, I've been through a lot of shit in my life. So much that I usually pull waaaaaaaay back in the face of any emotional connection for fear that I'll drive the poor girl to prostitution (Don't laugh. It happened). So, if I ever did find myself in some kind of relationship, and the girl one day says, "Durs, I'm sorry but I'm in love with somebody else," I would probably be sad, and slightly annoyed, but jealous? Pissed at her? Come on! Let's face it, the odds are pretty good that I had fallen for someone else, too, so if this imaginary girl wants to follow her heart, who am I to stop her? I hope I'd be big enough to wish her the best and head for the nearest tavern.

'Course, I would doubt she'd do better than me.


Anonymous said...

I think an important point is that love and physical attraction are distant cousins, at best. While someone may feel both towards another, they are separate.

Crow said...

I guess, but rarely do you have one without the other. or maybe I'm just that shallow.