Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gotta love Google

So, this may be a result of a happy drunken Easter celebration, but Google likes to put ads up based on your content, right? So, this was one of my ads:

"Right now, you are probably feeling as though someone has either punched you in the stomach or stabbed you in the back -- or even both.
You are not alone."

It was for

I guess my life ain't so bad. It's actually quite amusing. I mean, when I write about shit that spurns this kind of ad, maybe I can help people after all. Funny thing was, it was on a post about Keri, and, okay, I may have committed slight infidelity when I was with her, but, Jesus, this site treats it like spousal abuse. So, I made out with someone else. A few times. With tongue. And meant it. So what?

In reality, and any one of my friends can attest to this, she did far worse to me, and that's the damn truth. So, I'm a bitter asshole, ven five years later. Sue me.

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