Friday, February 29, 2008

Oscar Party

I know this is late, And I've been meaning to write about the damn Oscar's all week, but I didn't really feel that compelled, and that's kind fo what I wanetd to write about. I figuerd enough time had passed that it wasn't even relevent anymore, but I read something this morning that made me decide to comment on it.

Apparently, this year's Oscar's was the lowest-rated since they started keeping track of that kind of thing, so I guess I wasn't the only one who felt apathetic about the whole thing. I actually did see No Country For Old Men, and liked it, but that was the only nominated movie I saw. The thing is, I used to see them all. I remember winning a couple Oscar contests in the past. I remember studying the trends and really enjoying making my predictions, and enjoyed usually being right. This year, I almost forgot it was even on. I tuned in an hour late. And wasn't that disappointed, because I don't even know who half the presenters are anymore.

A big part of it (as I've probably said before) is having someone to see all these movies with, and also to watch the show with (That's a long time for me to sit in front of my TV doing nothing.) For many years, I saw every major movie nominated for every major award. Honestly, I don't know how I afforded it, but the price of movie tickets is only a part of the problem. There are many problems, really. One os that it's sometimes a hassle to see a movie because the major theaters (and most theaters are "major" theaters these days) are always packed with IDIOTS! I love the Boston Common theater, but I wish I could buy it and see every movie there alone because there is not one time I've been tehre where it wasn't crowded with morons coming in late, talking, with cell-phones a'blazin'. And most chains are like that these days. It takes all the spontaneity out of seeing a movie because you eitehr have to get there hours before it starts to get a ticket and a decent seat, or order them hours in advance online and still get there early to get a decent seat.

I guess the second major problem is the fact that I'm uber-single, and if I'm going to go to the movies with a friend, I'm probably not going to see some weepy Oscar-bait. I'm going to see The Simpsons (or, knowing me, Ghost Rider, one of the best bad movies ever). "But, Durs, why don't you go alone?" you ask. A valid question, and I've done it many times, but who wants to do it all the time? Who wants to talk about the subtleties of the cinematography with strangers?

I think the third problem is the same apathy that kept people from watching the Oscars. I read one opinion column that said that we need more cross-over-type flicks, that are Oscar-worthy and make a boatload of money. Sure, because, y'know, that Gladiator was such a fine piece of American cinema.

In the end, it really doesn't matter, because in a few weeks, no one will even remember who won, anyway. I probably won't, but what really makes me sad is that it seems like my Oscar-fandom is a thing of the past, sitting in the same heap as a lot of the other things I used to enjoy and now just never get around to. I'm not sure if it's a sympton of depression, or just me growing up, but I really don't care to analyze it too much. And that is the real problem with apathy; I just don't care.

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