Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Leave me alone!

If my friend ever reads this, he may get offended, but, well, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I gotta be me.

This friend is getting married soon and is freaking out (FREE-KIN' OUT!) at everyone, and I am one of his ushers. He freaked-out at me because I went to get my tux fitted when it was most convenient for me, rather than with the rest of the wedding party. in his angry e-mail, he said it was petty of me (which it maybe was, since my only reason was I didn't want to get up early on a Saturday) and made him look bad (which I don't see how). Anyway, we ironed it out and everything was fine, but there was one part of his tirade that I thought bears mentioning.

In his "P.S." (which in the lexicon of angry e-mails really amounts to saying "And another thing..."), he said, "Like it or not, I am one of two now." He accused me of purposely excluding his girlfriend/fiancee' on a couple occasions (and even named them). This was amazing to me. I've known a lot of married and coupled people, and I've never excluded anybody from anything. I maybe didn't call my friend's wife herself to invite her as well, but I guess I always assumed that it was understood that when I invite one, I'm inviting the other. Honestly, if I invite my friend out for a few beers after work or something, it's up to him to invite his wife, and of course I would never have a problem if he did.

I wanted to respond, "Like it or not, eh? I choose Not." Just to see what he would say. I was actually pretty pissed that he would accuse me of this. It made me slightly less angry when I figured out it was probably his future wife that planted the idea in his head. Probably, not necessarily. Still, to me, that was petty. And it was obvious that he had been carrying this shit around for awhile because he mentioned my birthday being one of the occasions, and that was April 1st. Here we are in September. And the funniest thing was she came to my birthday, even though, according to him, she was "uninvited." Of course, she wasn't, but I guess he's clearly not thinking straight these days.

In the end, this is all meaningless, and probably nothing more than a miscommunication, but I find it completely out of line that he would bother to say that to me, after knowing me for 15 years.

Why can't people just leave me alone?

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Anonymous said...

You know as well as anyone that I will have my occasiaonl, irrational, and comically nutty rants every now and again.

I was just bitter that you weren't involved more and missed stuff.

All that is water under the bridge. I can admit to some freaking out.

I was a pile of goop heading into it. I'm sure every groom has faced this.

Ah ya know!

p.s. I am so offended too, you cunt!