Friday, November 02, 2012

NaBloPoMo Post #2 - Meeting Faith

Yeah, I know that Post #1 was mere hours ago, but that was 11:30p.m.  on November 1st and this is 3:30p.m. on November 2nd, and if I'm going to do a post every day for a month, this is the kind of thing that's going to happen.  Plus, I'm seeing a 10:05 showing of Wreck-It Ralph tonight, so if I don't do it now, I'll miss my deadline.  Also, nyah, nyah!

After some positive feedback, I thought I'd give people a small taste of what Faith (the girl from the comic) looks like.  First of all, all credit goes to john Hunt on this one.  I had nothing to do with her creation.  You might say through writing the dialogue that I had a little to do with fleshing out the supporting characters, but really, you would be stroking my ego.  This is John's party, and I'm just glad I got invited and get to drink at it.

So, meet Faith Chancery:
Faith has changed a little since her humble beginnings.  She's gotten a little bit older and... shall we say, chestier.  She was originally envisioned to be a very young teenager, more in the anime-style, but this is comics, and most of the readers will be male, so she was made to be a couple years older and more developed.  This was originally the suggestion of the publisher who we walked away from, but some of the art was already done, so we kept it.  They say sex sells, and they be right, and there's really nothing wrong with it as long as it's a good story.

This is one of our covers, and my favorite.  We commissioned Star Trek artist Stephen Molnar to draw this for us, and he did an amazing job.  Worth every penny.  Colored, of course, by the master himself, John Hunt.

Here she is in her original form, and pretty much the way she looks in the book.  A tad more spritely here, fitting her character.  It's not a real heavy story (despite the fact that it features terrorists and ancient evils), so we wanted her to reflect that.  It's a fun, old-fashioned adventure story for all ages, really.  This one wasn't colored, but she will still have purple hair in the book, don't worry.
Stay tuned, folks.  Tomorrow, I will hopefully give you some insight into those supporting characters, I mentioned, and a few more artwork teasers.  Maybe even tell you a bit about Wreck-it Ralph.  

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