Friday, July 13, 2012

Kickball Revisited

So, a few years ago (specifically, Sept. 24, 2009), I wrote about my kickball team, and how kickball was way more fun than it had any right to be, and how The Hang-overs had struggled and clawed and made the play-offs only to be defeated by the eventual winners, who went undefeated that year.  And I mostly hated them and their strategies and their trying.  Even though one of their players told us that we had played them harder than any team they had played all year, and he loved playing us, I still kind of hated them.
Fast-forward to 2012, and I'm pretty sure we are now that team.  The Hang-overs, much like the Red Sox (although, not the 2012 Red Sox.  More like 2007), have evolved from the lovable underdogs into the team that you expect to win every week.  Well, that's because we have.  And I'm not bragging, but a look at the standings has us winning with scores of 24-3, 24-4, 16-2, and 18-3, and a couple really close ones with the other green team, whom we will probably end up playing in the championship game.  And they probably hate us just like I hated the winners back in 2009.  I think that 2009 team that I hated even wore dark green shirts, which our team now has (in the years since our initial red, we have had yellow and a weird burnt orange-colored shirts.  So, I am totally fine with green.)
Point is, yeah, we're 7-0, and everybody hates us.  Except maybe the orange team, who didn't have enough to field a team last week, so a few of us jumped in, and almost defeated the other green team, who is our nemesis.  So this is what's like to be on that side of things.  This is what it's like to be the unstoppable juggernaut that the rest of the league can't stand.  This is what it's like to be the Yankees.

Hung-over in Burnt Orange

But before you break out the crying towel for because we have lost our lovable loser status, let me say this; the last two years, we have been in the championship game and lost, and last year we lost in extra innings.  And I was on the mound and coughed up the winning run then.  After my big comeback that year, I really thought that it would be fitting for us to win it then.  But alas, we lost.  So, this year, after being so close three years in a row and not winning it all, I really don't care if we do have to stomp all over every other team.  I want to drink out of that fucking cup.
This Sunday is the last regular season game, and the following week is the play-offs.  Alert ESPN.  The Hang-overs are coming.   

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