Monday, February 23, 2009

I Wanna Be Like Conan

To me, if there was one celebrity I wanted to be like (If I had to, y'know, be a celebrity), it would be Conan O'Brien. The guy has the best job in the world, and as I watched him give his farewell address, and saw him actually get choked up, I could tell that he realizes this fact. He will soon take his rightful place in late night, as host of the Tonight Show.

Now, anyone who knows me knows what a Leno-fan I am, but even I have to admit that this is how it should be. Conan deserves any spotlight shined on him for the years that he toiled away and worked at his show that nobody ever watched and nobody cared. And I didn't think he would ever catch on. I remember the first time I ever watched it, and I thought he was a funny guy, a bit weird, but there's no way people would buy what he was selling. I was wrong, and I'm glad because he makes me laugh. Sometimes, good things do happen to the right people.

In tribute, one last look at one of those moments that made me laugh so heartily, which may be over-played, but I don't care: Triumph ragging on the Star Wars fans:

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