Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas in the Sticks

Last Saturday, I attended my first Ed Humphries' Ho-Ho-Ho Throwdown in the quaint little hamlet of Dudley, MA. Now, naturally I was slightly disappointed at the lack of ho's, and slightly freaked out by being in Dudley, which is practically in Connecticut and is also aptly-named. The town is a dud.

However, the party was quite happening. I am always nervous about these affairs because I was certain I would be one of the few singletons there (since I always am), and y'know, it was in Dudley. Most suburban married people have difficulty finding common ground with me, unless we can talk about sports or, well, that's about it. They don't see too many movies that aren't made by Disney, they don't hang out in the same places as I do (mainly bars), they don't really have time to do a whole lot of anything. Ed Humphries appears to be the exception that proves the rule, because this guy knows his movies, his beer and he has a nifty blog, too (Really, click on it). Maybe being in the sub-suburb of Dudley frees up one's time, since there is very little to do other than watch the trees grow.

Ed's Throwdown consisted of a Yankee Swap with a Trivia Twist; each participant, after opening their gift is asked a holiday, pop culture question. if they answer it correctly, they remain in the running for the ultimate swap gift, provided by Ed himself, which must be swapped by the proverbial Last Man Standing after every gift-grabber has answered a question wrong.

And who do you suppsoe this year's Last Man Standing was? Why, interestingly enough, it is the guy who is always the Last Man Standing, the quintessential Last Man Standing in all of life's little endeavors; me.

Yes, even after several beers, I answered all of my questions correctly and was crowned champion. The prize i was awarded was a 3 ft. tall statue puzzle of the leg lamp from Christmas Story. Alas, I had to give it up (This is the house rule to guarantee that at least one gift is swapped), so I traded it to the only girl there who I knew to be single, trying to at least ensure me some kind of conversation piece. However, I don't think that stealing her gift endeared me to her. Oh well, them's the breaks.

Point is, I went to Dudley, the proverbial lion's den, because we all know how much I hate the suburbs, and not only survived, but thrived. Thanks to Ed and the whole gang at the Throwdown for a great time. And I hope I get invited back next year, when I will be sure not to bring a crack pipe as my swap gift. (You had to be there.)


Ed said...

The Word on the Street is the family that scored that vaunted "crack pipe" is now spending the holiday in the Dudley Methodone Clinic and Cinematorium (it's the sticks so every building serves a dual purpose).

Of course you'll score the invite next year. We have a new defending champion here!!!

BTW You got me pegged. I know my movies, for sure. In fact, I noticed on your sidebar that you have Grindhouse listed. It just so happens there are now two of us who dig that flick (those flicks). My favorite - the trailer for "Don't".

On the whole topic of typical suburbanites, Sean and I were just discussing this yesterday. I think this gen of parents is slightly different (not all of us mind you) than the one before. We tend to keep balance with the force and don't just toss away all our likes and dislikes the second el nino enters the scene. So - I'm paying my taxes, taking care of my lawn, raising the kids, spending time with the wife - but also heading out for beers with my pals, playing the Wii/XBox 360, watching "the sports", updating my Netflix queue with obscure French action flicks, reading a comic, etc... Of course, all that's done once I'm finished watching The Backyardigans!!!

Hopaholic said...

Glad to hear that I will get invited back. I'll have to get even drunker. And I'm glad you can find the balance of the Force. A lot of my friends cannot. I think they're just whipped.

And yes, "Don't" was my favorite as well.