Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Radio Nowhere

We all enjoy silly things, and this is one of them. My brother was on the radio yesterday, discussing a very important, worldly topic. Basically, he discovered through extensive research, that there is a long-standing tradition of students wearing their pajamas inside out and placing a spoon under their pillow the night before a snow storm in the hopes that it will bring on a snow day the following day. I should point out that my brother is a high school teacher, and that even at 37, there has never been a person who prayed for a snow day more than him.

Apparently, this works, although I had never heard of it. Perhaps more important than the technicalities (Some people lick the spoon first, etc.) is why this is on the radio in the first place. I can see why it was in the Hartford Courant (who originally published the article written by my brother on this subject on Monday.), because it seems like cutsey, holiday newspaper fodder. But NPR? Really? Isn't there, like, a war going on? Do we care about this silly superstition enough that we have to have this expert on to discuss it (and take a call?) And I'm not knocking my brotehr. I'm pleased for him and his small-town celebrity status. But, NPR? Come on.

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